Quadratt outputting unsteady offset?

Hello! Hoping to pick the communities collective brain about an issue I’ve been having. I just recently got an Intellijel 4u 104hp case with a full row of 1u tiles and built a system based around my ER-301. I have two Quadratts that I use as controls to map to different parameters within the 301 and have found that any constant voltage coming out of either Quadratt is wavering slightly. It’s not too severe, but for certain parameters it’s very obvious. Like when I patch one of the channels to the delay time of a tape delay, the tiny fluctuations in voltage are producing the “doppler” effect (it sounds cool but I don’t always want that). And then an even more annoying example is when I’m using a channel as a “cursor” to slice up a sample and the slice point is wiggling and wandering around which makes it very difficult to make precise slices.

So my first thought was that my power supply is not powerful enough for all the modules but looking at the specs on my modulargrid page lead me to believe I have ample power. (Using the TPS30W supply that comes with the case) So now I’m thinking maybe I have too many things plugged into my power bar or its not letting enough power through but it seems unlikely. Has anyone else experienced any issues like this? Are the quadratts just naturally supposed to fluctuate like they do?

Any help at all is very appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is the modulargrid link:

The Quadratt should certainly output a steady voltage. One simple way to test this would be to connect a Quadratt channel output to the pitch in on an oscillator and see if you can hear the wavering.

Does every channel of your Quadratt do this?
Does this go away if you remove any modules?

This is something that is probably best sent to support@intellijel.com rather than using the forum.

Yeah good idea I’ll test those and send it along to the support email. I just feel like I always get quicker responses on forums :slight_smile: