Quadra Trigger Light Permanently On


Channel 2 of my Quadra seems to have got stuck with the trigger permanently on, even if there is nothing plugged in to the trigger input.

The expander is showing the EOC light and OR 1+2 light at the same time, there doesn’t seem to be any voltage coming out of the envelope output for channel 2 but I haven’t checked with a meter yet.

Basically, it seems fried and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. It used to work fine and I’m not sure when this suddenly happened.

Not getting the warm fuzzies about Intellijel QA tbh. I own the Quadra, Expander and Quad VCA. Great modules when they work but the Quad VCA had to be returned out of the box as one of the input jacks was busted. That’s a two out of three fail rate so far (and there’s really nothing to the expander)!


Best to contact support@intellijel.com, our support team can diagnose.