Quadra out of stock

The Quadra is listed as out of stock. At my modular shop it is the same. Do you know when it will be available again?

Quadra has been discontinued because it will be replaced by Quadrax: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/intellijel-quadrax-

Quadrax should be ready fairly soon!

Wow! I was kind of hoping for that answer. An updated version. This looks amazing! Fading between linear and two exponential response curves. Plus cv control of parameters. Perfect!
The next obvious question would be about the price point =)

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Yeah, it’s been really exciting seeing this module come together!

As far as I know the price is still TBD.

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Great, thank you for the reply. Really looking forward to getting this

Is the quadratic confirm at 14hp? Doing some space case scheming here :laughing:

Yes, it will be 14HP.

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quite a few appear to be available in shops and online resale communities: https://wigglehunt.com/?query=Quadra&condition=&stock_status=in_&price_min=0&price_max=5000

thank you! I saw that but was suspicious about an update. think im gonna wait this one out…