Quadra expander jumper question

I just got the Quadra and the expander modules. The manual talks about two jumpers to select the quadrature mode. They also can be seen in the video about cabeling the expander. Now I’m confused, because my expander module is missing these jumpers! Is this a new module version? What about the mode setting?


There are no jumpers anymore, you can find a bit more on the subject here:


looks like the manual still needs to be updated

Any info on this? :neutral_face:

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@hargow: thanks for the link. So I’m not the only one who’s confused :upside_down_face:


no, you are not :slight_smile: - me too - but that means the loop switches 1+2, 3+4 arevdoing this now instead of the jumpers - right?

No the switches engage Quadrature mode on channels 1&2, 3&4 which is kind of like a loop mode I guess.

The jumpers switched between two types of quadrature responses. Basically they slightly changed the equation regarding when one function would trigger the other.

thanks - so we have Mode A or Mode B implemented? it does not say so in the provided link / muff topic…

Apparently they were amalgamated into a new mode that combines some of the behaviours of the two, but I think it’s most similar to mode A.

Sorry for being vague!

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thank you - at least a hint :slight_smile: