Quadra + Expander as VCO?

After seeing a video on the intellijel facebook on using the QuadraX as a VCO using 1V/O I was wondering, if this is possible with the Quadra? Can you set it to LFO at audio rates and then use it with 1V/O?
Thank you for your help

I thought I had demonstrated this in a video, but I guess not!

So you can use it as a VCO, but not a very accurate one. Quadra’s cycling AD mode works quite differently from Quadrax’s LFO mode because the ATTACK and DECAY rates are determining the rate or pitch of the VCO tone, rather than a single pitch control.

You will also have to invert the melody CV because otherwise higher voltages will cause longer attack or decay rates, which will lower the pitch.


Thanks for your answer!
I saw the video a couple of time, but it didn’t say anything about 1 volt per octave, as far as I remember. But I guess that’s not possible…
Will have to save up for a Quadrax :frowning: