Quad VCA availability

Hey I just wanted to inquire about availability of the Quad VCA because I unfortunately was told by Sweetwater that they were getting them in last week and now they keep giving weird stories as to why they haven’t gotten any or can’t find them in their warehouse. It’s a little irksome just because they became available from at least 2 other shops last week, so I called to make sure that he was assuring I was on the list for the next shipment, which he did. then of course they sold out at the other locations and Sweetwater started giving me the run around. Should I expect Sweewater to get some within this week or should I just move on. Kind of bummed that they gave me the run around and caused me to miss out. Thanks!

Are you locked in to your Sweetwater order? If you feel like they’re giving you the runaround I would cancel it and see if you can find one elsewhere: https://wigglehunt.com/?query=intellijel+quad+vca&condition=&stock_status=in_&price_min=0&price_max=5000

Personally I’ve never used Sweetwater, but if i did, it wouldn’t be for modular. I’d got to ctrl-mod.com, perfectcircuit.com, controlvoltage.net, chucklevins.com, reverb.com, or type in the module on a search drive and see what stores pop up.

I’m not locked in. Perfect Circuit and Vintage Audio King were the 2 others I checked and were out a few weeks ago, but both got new ones in briefly last week . The reason I ended up jumping in the queue at Sweetwater, where I occasionally have bought gear over the last 20 years, is because they were the ones who contacted me they were getting new ones in a couple weeks after I asked to be notified by email when new stock came in. Chuck Levin’s is actually my local store and where I go first, but they said they were special order, would take a long indefinite time to come in and I would have to pay up front. Sweetwater doesn’t charge until they ship. Thanks for the links. I’ll check availability out at those locations and give Sweetwater until later today to come through or move on if I can find it elsewhere. Thanks again!

My rep actually called a little while ago to let me know that they still can’t find their stock so he offered 2 pay for overnight shipping from another vendor. Instead I went ahead and ordered intellijel mixup! I turned a mix up into a mix up I realized yesterday I was going to want a mix up anyway because I just figured out that the Steppy, intellijel 4-channel 1u mixer and 1u stereo out wouldn’t actually all fit on the 1u rail anyway. So as soon as I get home I’m going to find which retailers have the quad VCA in stock and order that right away too. Now I’ll have stereo outs and finally a way to individually mix my sound sources together!

Now I just got to figure out what’s going to go on that top rail, whether it be the 4-channel mixer/ attenuator or the module that allows you to hook up the MIDI inputs and receive clock from a Daw. I already have the capability to do that with my crave and mother 32 so I’m leaning towards the mixer. I think if I did it that way I would have 6 hp left and hopefully I can find some sort of low pass gate that would fit there or any other helpful 6hp module. So now I’m pretty much finished filling this case and even have a couple modules leftover for another case. But I still have enough power left from the intellijel case that I might just build a little wooden box for those modules to sit in while their power from the intellijel

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Oh my, this setup now is absolutely sick. I am so impressed with the quality of your modules. My mind is blown right now because I just hooked up the VCA/Line Out on my Crave to the Steppy Clock In with a pattern sent to a 909 Kick and a pattern sent to the Mother 32 as a clangy kind of Analog Hat and so when I play a bassline on the keyboard it progresses the pattern on the steppy forward one step. WTF??? This is crazy. I’m playing drums by playing a bassline. This is literally my dream come true. Now time to get the Pachinko involved.