Protection from my cat

So I guess everybody has this problem since everybody into eurorack seems to have at least one cat. Anyways, I recently acquired a 7u 104hp-case that I love. This is not a huge problem, but I’m wondering how you cover up your rack from getting cat hair in and around all your modules? Don’t wanna put a blanket over it cause it’s too ugly, I can’t really put the lid over with patchcables allover, and afaik there’s no protective lid like there is for the palette case. So any ideas?

The 7U Lid is meant to cover the synth when patched, and has about the same clearance as the Palette Lid.

I have less of a hair problem, but my cat has chomped through her share of cables. To your point, I often toss a sheet over my gear, or lock her out of the room when I’m not around.

For any hair that does end up on the synth, I just have a clean paintbrush to keep it tidy.

Modbang has some nice covers with drawstrings that are made to fit over a patched 7U case. You can find them here:

There’s also the option of blank panels to cover the holes, some people even make them out of cardboard.

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Why not use the lid?

Because I got to many long midi and patchcables hanging out :slight_smile:

I just keep a dedicated AC vacuum nearby (Hoover upright) that I just leave in hose mode with the narrowest attachment to deal with dust and Golden Lab fur.

Paint Brushes do a good job of dusting off stray hairs. Canned air is effective but expensive if you are using it all the time and can freak out the cat. If you don’t mind freaking out the cat a little, a hand vacuum is a nice solution.

Maybe contact decksaver about a custom job? Honestly the simplest thing would be to find a blanket that doesn’t bother you, or keeping the synth in a room that is closed to the cats when you aren’t home.

This is probably sacrilege, but - might you try cutting out sections from the lid? Probably focusing on the bottom? That would potentially allow your longer cables to pass out those holes.

(Maybe you can find someone with a damaged case lid who will sell it cheap?)

I had to solve this by just locking the cats out of my studio/office. Besides biting cables and walking on my modular, one of the cats has taken to chewing on the plastic sleeves of my record collection…

Other than that, a good clean paintbrush does the trick to get hair off…