Propping Up a 7U Case?

Hello, I have been enjoying my 7U 104HP case for a few months now, and I was wondering: Does anyone have any advice for propping up my case more upright i.e. at a greater angle than is allowed by the retractable legs? Currently I have an unstable, temporary fix that uses two upside-down bowls. :upside_down_face:

Hercules acoustic guitar stand. The Electric version may work - but I’m not sure how deep the U-arms are and if it will fit the depth of the 7U case. The other thing to consider is if those two arms get in the way of any patch points. The acoustic stand may be better for both reasons.


I’ve also heard that guitar amp stands can work well.

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Make Noise Blue Steel is made for propping up their 7u case. It’s hard to find and kinda expensive, but built to task and sturdy.

3DWaves on Reverb makes synth stands. He had made a few varieties of stands for 6u eurorack cases that work just as well for 7u. They also sell out fairly quickly but are way easier to get ahold of than the Blue Steel.

I also can attest to the effectiveness of guitar amp stands. The kind that are intended to angle an amp up to the player so they can hear what they’re playing cuz human ears are not in their knees. These are the cheapest and easiest to find solution of the three. They’re not designed for this task though so in my experience can kinda block the bottom row if you put the case in a secure position. At least the model I have does. But there are lots of different brands with slightly different shapes so you have options.

My 3 cents.


Thought I’d share some attractive options I’ve found:

This is actually looking like the best option. Ten inches wide…It’s only two inches deep and has that lip, but you can fasten it into place at the top, so it seems ideal because the stand won’t get in the way of the bottom row. And the angle is adjustable. I’m going to go to Blick tomorrow and check it out for myself, I’ll report back.

Here’s two other options:

This one looks sturdier, it has a bigger base that also won’t interfere with the bottom of the case, but it’s not adjustable.

This one is narrower at the bottom so it won’t protrude at all, but not flat at the bottom…not that that matters necessarily.

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This is actually in stock in many places right now, it actually looks ideal for what I want to do. On second thought, I might invest the extra coin and go for this. Thanks for recommending it!

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I made a simple wooden stand that can come apart and flat pack. My stand is for a 7U+pallet, but you could make an even more simple version for just a single case: