Problems with 4u case / tps30 power


I just started having a problem with my 4U case, after owning it for a year I’ve just recently started having problems with a couple of modules in it - but if I move those modules to my 7U case they work fine. I was wondering if others had seen issues like this or had tips to trouble shoot.

Probably best to e-mail

With all of our power boards, they have LEDs to indicate the -12v, +12v and +5v rails. If any one of those is out or flickering then you know you have a problem with one of those voltage rails. The best way to troubleshoot power related issues in your case is to remove all modules, then add them one at a time to see which module causes any issues. Also always wise to confirm using that the power consumed by your system is within the power supplied by your board.

Thanks for the reply!

If I empty the case nothing works correctly - modules either don’t produce sound or the lights behave oddly, see this video of the odd lights on the 1U Audio Interface.

Ah-hah! It looks like the -12v LED is out from the video, I clued into that after re-reading your answer another couple of times. What would you recommend as the next step?