Problems Updating Quadrax Firmware on Mac

I’m having difficulty updating my Quadrax to the latest firmware - I’m getting an error: "No DFU capable USB device available. Screenshot is attached below. I’ve seen solutions for this issue for Windows machines but nothing for a Mac. Anyone have any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The DFU error just means that the device has not been detected. Most of the time this is just caused by the USB cable so I’d recommend trying another one. Lots of cables that ship with devices are only for charging and don’t transmit data and this throws a lot of our users off.

Next thing to confirm is that your pressing and holding the top 2 buttons.

Also worth trying different ports on the computer.

If you continue to have difficulty please reach out to

Thanks, that did it! I was using a USB cable that was for charging only. I didn’t realize some cables don’t transmit data. Used the cable from my Keystep and everything worked fine.