Pressure with Tête in Voltages Mode

I noticed today that when I map an output on Tête to Pressure while in Voltages mode, I can only get it to behave as a Pressure output while the Recorder setting is in Looper mode—not in Sequencer mode. When in Sequencer mode, the Pressure outputs behave like Touch.

I’m sure this is by design, but I’m curious about the reasoning. The only reason I can think of is pressure is a bit misleading when it comes to sequencing. There are a lot of different bypass modes when things are in Looper mode w.r.t. gates and touch. However, bypass modes in Sequencer mode (in Voltages) seems to be pretty sparse.

I believe this is a bug, we’re going through the bug list on Tete right now, we’ll look into it :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile:

Note, that it’s hard to step sequence pressure, as there is not a great way to capture it. But like i said, i’ll review the current functionality and see if it can be tweaked.

Right, I wouldn’t really expect it to be captured here, because it seems conceptually difficult to mix the two. I’ve just been interested in being able to use pressure on a pad (outputted on Tete) while a sequence is running like is possible in the looper-mode.

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Turns out I wasn’t using the latest firmware and completely missed the last release last year. It’s working wonderfully now.