Powering three tps30w with a single 90w meanwell?

Hi all, built a new 10U 104HP case off of two tps30w powered by a 90w meanwell (sames as the tps80w). I’m getting a bit close to the rated spec for both, so I was thinking of dropping in a third tps30w just for a little extra headroom.

My question is can I power all three with the 90w meanwell if I don’t max out all three tps30w? I know they add up to 90w but that you also usually need a power supply that’s a bit over the total wattage. So basically, if I max out two of the tps30w and have just a few hundred ma on the third one, should I be fine with the 90w adapter? Meanwell doesn’t seem to have anything bigger so it looks like 90w is all I can get if I want to stick to a single barrel connector.

I have the exact same question. In fact, there’s a 120w Meanwell brick ( GST120A20-P1M) that I’m exploring to power the three TPS30 MAXs, but it’s rated at 20V, so I’m not sure if that would work or fry the boards :stuck_out_tongue: