Powering Cases with Power Bank / Battery


I recently bought a power bank to power my Intellijel cases remotely (104HP/7U and 62HP). This is what I bought:

My understanding is that while this power bank provides my cases with 16V DC when on the 16V setting, if I replace the power cable that came with my cases with the cable and adapter that came with the power bank, my cases actually need 15V DC, but that some sort of device inside the case “converts” the power to 15V, is that right?

I’m worried that this configuration has caused problems with a couple of my modules. Maybe some sort of an electrical surge happened when powering on the cases with the power bank?

Can anyone confirm that this discrepancy with the 16V/15V is 100% safe for my modules? Is it safer to just get a power bank with a regular AC plug like a wall outlet and use the cables that came with my cases, which includes the “power brick” that I understand basically does an AC to DC conversion?

UPDATE: This post made by @kamil has me thinking it would be best to get a power bank with an AC plug and use the cable/brick that came with my cases:

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Decided to create an update post in this thread: