Powering Beatstep pro from 1U USB power module

Hello, I am wondering if this is a good idea for supplying Beatstep pro with power, and if doing this with the Palette case will be OK with supplying enough juice for all my modules as well.

I inquired the same thing about the KeyStep. Arturia tech support would not provide a more accurate number for its current draw, only that it can draw 500mA, because that’s the recommended minimum for a power adapter. I assume they’d say the same thing about the BSP, since its manual gives the same recommendation. The Palette Case’s +5V rail is rated to supply 500mA, but safe practice is to stay under 70-80% draw, depending on who you believe. Based on that, Intellijel tech support told me they didn’t recommend it.

I wish Arturia would provide an actual current draw rating, because I kinda suspect it’s closer to 300-400mA, but I’m not an EE, so what do I know.

I use a surge protector with USB power ports instead, and I use my 1U module to power a gooseneck LED lamp (thanks to whomever it was who mentioned it first).

OK, thanks for the reply. That makes sense and probably better to use the beatstep with it’s own power supply then. Still, it would make setting up at live shows a bit easier.

Still keen to know if anyone has actually tried his though.


I am powering my Keystep from the 1U USB power (inside a Palette case) from time to time. No problem at all yet. It works fine with the Korg SQ-1, too, if I remember correctly. I had no success with a Roland A-500S, though.

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That’s great to hear! I had a feeling Arturia was overstating the current draw. I guess it’s in their best interest, but still.

I don’t have either of these any more, but I used to power a BSP from the 1U tile in a 4U 104hp case with a TPS30MAX before I worked here.

I’ve been powering a Korg NTS-1 with the 1u USB in my Palette— works well, and also fun to send the master outs from the audio out 1u through the NTS-1 which has nice stereo reverbs and delays, chorus etc.

Are you using 1/4" to 3.5mm cables? I’m considering trying to send modular level audio into my NTS-1, since it has input trim. However, I don’t know how that trim works - is it possible that it’s done in the digital domain? - I’m not an EE, and I’m a little afraid that I’ll fry my NTS-1.

Yes exactly—the 1/4" outs on the Stereo Line Out 1U module go (with 1/4" male to RCA female adapters) to an RCA to 3.5mm (male to male) stereo cable, which feeds right into the audio in on the NTS-1. So far so good, I didn’t do any kind of trim on the NTS-1 side, just kept my output level low initially and slowly turned it up.

Let me know how it goes!

I have a Korg SQ-1 and have tried using it with the USB power module. It doesn’t power on. Not trying to be smart but are you sure you didn’t have batteries in the SQ-1 at the time? Wonder if it matters which of the two 5v power connectors you are using? I just assumed it didn’t work because its not enough current but read this and am now second guessing.

Sorry about that, please disregard previous reply. I tried another cable (its red) and it turned on. Please forgive me for doubting. Always check cables first, something I know, yet never do. Cheers!