Powering 7u 140hp and palette with external power

Hello everyone! Is it safe to power 7u 140hp and palette with this external power: CACTUS CS-PBHTBP-20800 ?

If not β€” what can you advice with European power sockets and 220v (I live in Russia)?

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If google translate works correctly, it looks to me that the power comes through USB sockets and is only 5.0 volts.
If you are using it for the 5 volt bussboard rail and you can connect it using the USB sockets, it looks to me that it would work.
But where are you getting the plus 12 volt and minus 12 volt power?

It also has an AC outlet. Here’s picture

I chose RAVPower RP-PB054 20100mAh. It worked fine with palette for almost 4 hours