I just bought a TPS80w Triple Power Supply, with a Power Entry PE1, and Meanwell 90w PSU. According to the specs it can output 3000mA. But it also says that its good for “up to 6U x 104hp in size”… Now, I have a 9U X 126 case that is mostly full. According to the specs on Modular Grid my total power consumption is 2176 mA +12V | 862 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V…

My question is this: Can I safely daisy chain a flying bus board from the Intellijel busboard to extend my number of connectors and power my entire system? This is my modular grid page for reference:


If you need more power connectors you can use a flying bus cable. You may experience more noise than if everything was on the TPS80 itself though.