Power supply

I have two separate questions. I picked up a diy 12u 114hp case last weekend which has 2 TPS80W powered by (2) meanwell 90 Watt AC/DC Power Supply and (2) intellijel power entry modules on the rails of the case.

question 1. can the power entry modules be mounted elsewhere like on the side or back of the case?

question 2. would it be possible to use just one module switch / power supply? My current power draw is 2248mA / 1086mA / 90mA.

  1. Yes, the power entry modules can be anywhere in the case as long as they’re correctly connected to the power boards.
  2. The TPS boards can be daisy chained from one power inlet and power supply, but you will need a more substantial power brick with at least 160W. There’s more information on this in the TPS product manual.
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thank you!