Power supply 90 Watt (GSM90A15-P1M)


I wonder if there is a better alternative to 90 Watt (GSM90A15-P1M) which is standard for 7U case. 90 Watt (GSM90A15-P1M) has noise and ripple of 120mVp-p, which works for 7U case with intellijel busboard, it is only AC / DC Power Brick I want to know if there are better options with lower mVp-p and which brick has lowest and works well with the case.

Is this somthing good DC iPurifier2 by iFi audio - Active Audio Noise Filter for DC Power Supplies?

I had to improve on the PSU as well due to noise issues. In the end a 120W HiFi Ultra-low noise Linear 15V PS was a great solution with very low ripple and no switching noise. There are loads of these on eBay. No amount of filtering on the switching supply would work.


Do you have a Link to the psu you bought ?

Just search for 120VA Linear Power Supply on eBay.

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120VA HIFI Ultra-low noise Linear Power supply DC5V 9V 12V 15V 18V 24V LPS PSU | eBay Found one :slight_smile:

What does this kind of noise sound like?

Its the normal noise Very low when you have a Big patch and push the system. So i Will try another psu until om done with my new case with no busboard just high end quiet stabile power with rails ect that i want. Im making a 3D sketch on the case now, I want my keystep pro to be foldable under the case and another small box you can fold out that has shorter patch cables in m.m, and i want some modules on the back and sides on the case to.
I have so many modules now and will build a real case and not have to replace modules with ribbon cables which I think are pretty bad if you are changing modules all the time, because i do not want to buy a new case. so I will build my own where power and everything should be top notch before I buy new modules hehe. I mix digital and analog modules on the same board and have ribbon cables of different quality. and some modules are noise sensitive, so it probably depends on more than just power supply. but I still want to test. always good to have a power supply extra at least;) if you want to build a smaller case.

Did the new PSU lower the noise?

Hey. Iā€™d love to know if this new power supply made a difference.