Power Ratings on the website are misleading and not accurate

The Power Ratings on the website are confusing and I can’t figure out which power supplies put out which ratings. Which one puts out 3000A and which ones put out 1.5A? I ordered a 7U Performance case but I don’t know how much power it can handle. Thanks!

The 1500mA PSU is the TPS30 MAX, which is not one of the PSUs used in the 7U case (not anymore). The TPS80W provides 3000mA, as does the TPS80W MAX, which simply has more power headers.

(Edited because before I had only read the specs from the PSU pages, not the 7U case page.)

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So if I’m reading it right, the 7U Performance case can output up to 3000mA of power?

Here’s the full stats: +12V output at 3000 mA, -12V output at 3000 mA, +5V output at 1500 mA

The 84HP case used to have an option that used the lower powered TPS30W, but this has been discontinued.

Thank you! Question perfectly answered!!

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