Power entry module template for rear or side install into DIY case

Where I can find the template to cut a hole for the intellijel power entry module? (installed elsewhere on your case besides the rails? I have seen it before but now and unable to find it on the intellijel website.

Or you could just buy the module and use it as your template. Personally I’d cut the hole smaller than the panel and attach the module from the inside, if not remove the panel entirely and attach the switch and jack directly to the case.

I currently have two of the 3u power entry modules. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by installing it by the inside… do you mean screw it face in on the inside of the case giving access to the switch and power input jack through the hole? would there be a reason to do it this way?

It looks a lot better than screwing it to the outside of the case. Case in point, look at the Moog Subsequent 37’s I/O:

Obviously this is a little different, as the 37 has wood cheeks attached to the side of a metal case, but the appearance will be more or less the same. Assuming your case is wood, attach the module with inserts for the mounting screws, like this:

…instead of screwing directly into the case. It’ll look clean and professional, as well as be removable and replaceable if necessary.

Something else that might be cool, if you were using 1U Power Entry modules instead of 3U, is having a 1U row on the side or back of your case. That way, you could add TRS jacks, MIDI ports, etc., later on, without using up space in your front row(s).