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Power adapter issue? incompatibility with modules?


Hey, I hope this is the correct place for posting this.

I have an issue with my newly purchased 7U 104HP performance case. I completely switched from a TipTop Mantis case and moved all the modules from the Mantis into the new Intellijel. Turning it on I noticed there’s a high pitched noise coming out of my speakers. When I slightly touch the cable from the power adapter or connector there’s also a noisy swoosh sound coming up.
The same configuration of modules in the Mantis case was quiet and noise-less as a mouse.
Wonder if it has to do with incompatible modules with the Meanwell power adapter that comes with the case? Or is it because I don’t have the 1U in/out module that connects the built-in jacks of the case…

Again, I hope this is the right place to post this. If not feel free to remove this. Any leads appreciated.



Best to email support@intellijel.com



unfortunately no reply from support yet.
Will wait a bit longer then



There’s no support staff in on the weekend. I’ll be sure to get to your message today.