Pot Bolts

Hello there, I’ve just realised my Rainmaker has a pot bolt missing for the wet/dry mix pot. Could anyone tell me the exact dimensions of this nut so I can just get myself a replacement?



Hi Jim,

On early revisions of the Rainmaker we were using a different stereo pot for the Wet/dry that was not quite tall enough to be bolted on (the threads on protrude about 1mm).

Our newer revisions use a new pot that has taller bushing.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply. However, I’m afraid that wasn’t what I asked.

The Rainmaker I have clearly has enough thread to fit the nut, as I’ve just taken off the pitch shift one and fitted it to wet/dry pot to check. I can see there is less thread area sticking out than on the pitch shift (and probably other pots) but there is enough on my unit to do this without causing any bother/damage. The nut from the pitch shift fits perfectly and makes the pot nice and sturdy, as the pot on wet/dry has gotten wobbly because of the lack of support. I don’t want to wear the pot so I want a nut on it, it also just feels totally wrong between my fingers without a nut on now! Can you please tell me the dimensions and thread of the nut like I asked?

Many thanks,


You can email your address to support@intellijel.com, and we can probably just mail you a couple of nuts

Ok thanks very much for your help, I have raised a ticket now.