Polaris noise in new performance case 7U 104HP

i just change my tiptop mantis for a brend new 7U 104Hp but now, my polaris makes a big noise.
I didn’t have this noise before, i didn’t change the order of modules from tiptop to performance 7U.
I tried to replace polaris by a belgrad xaoc and i don’t have the noise… same thing with stereodipole ssf, no noise…
Someone had that, or has a solution to eliminate this noise ?

Where did you get your case and when? I’ve been waiting a month now for mine to be restocked at Perfect Circuit.

Are you using balanced cables to monitor your case?

Please contact support@intellijel.com

Ok i found what’s wrong, it is these shitty meanwell power bloc, it generate bad noise instead of my tiptop or xp power…
please intellijel, don’t sell that with your cute case

To add my experience here, I got my 7U/104HP case, which is using a Meanwell power brick, I’m also using a Polaris and my system is quiet, no problems to report.