Polaris info and weird led behaviour

Hi all!
I’ve just purchuased an Intellijel Polaris and it sounds awesome.
I’ve jsut noticed a couple of strange things tho:

  1. the type led in the Notch mode seems to behave in a strange way (it seems like a firmware bug to me).
    for each press of the type button the led goes from A to B E C D instead of A B C D (Video). Should I update the firmware? if yes how can i do it? I didn’t see any usb port on the module
  2. In the HP mode, the C filter seems to cut more high frequencies then the D mode wich is really weird to me. if i put the cutoff knob all th wai CW i am still able to hear some low frequencies in the D type while in the C type those frequencies are more attenuated.
    Is this normal?


Did you buy a used module or is this new? Based on my logs the 1st one is a bug in an old (possibly beta) firmware that was subsequently fixed.

I’m not sure about #2, I assume by “cut more high frequencies” you mean “low frequencies” there… but I have not heard this reported before.

I bought it used. Is there any way for me to update the firmware? I think I should need and USB isp device,is this correct?

Yhea sorry I meant to say that type c is cutting more the low frequencies then the type d. I can record some audio tomorrow if you want. Maybe it’s another bug and the led are displaying the wrong filter type.

Also in the pass band filter I have all 5 types but in the manual I can only see 4 types.

You’ll need to update the firmware using the USB ISP or another AVR ISP. I think your unit has the original 1.00 firmware which also has the bug that eventually it will stop storing the filter selection. The later firmware will fix that.

Since I’m not super into arm programming do you have any compatible USB ISP device to suggest me?

The Arduino Nano should do the trick. You can update Polaris using the Intellijel Firmware updater which you can download from our website.