Plonk XL

Please could you think about a Plonk XL which would feature 2 x Triggers, split mode , infinate decay on drums so you can ptoduce drones etc and sd card for loading samples.
Cheers Rob

Not to take away from the Plonk XL idea, but a couple of things are worth mentioning:

  1. It’s possible to do drones with Plonk if you set the Noise Envelope mode to AHR, set Ratio to full Noise, and send a steady gate or +5V signal to the TRIG input. Or if you want to use the mallet you could just use an audio rate pulse wave to the TRIG input.
  2. Samples? Plonk does not use samples as it is a physical modelling synth so if it was to load samples it would be a completely new thing.

ok please excuse my lack of knowledge and experience…I will take your suggestions to my setup and have a play!!! You gotta admit the split mode would be nice and two triggers…would certainly give people with the 4u setup a lot more options…dont get me wrong I think plonk is a 100% stayer in my setup and it sounds incredible…thankyou Intellijel!

No worries Rob! I just remembered I actually demonstrated using that technique to make Plonk drones briefly in the Plonk firmware update video:
You can see it if you skip ahead to 1:10

In my opinion if we were going to make a Plonk XL it might as well be 4 voice polyphonic!


Yeah definately but i still think two trigger inputs split mode would be amazing! Thankyou for the link i will go check it out :blush::pray:

Two triggers would be nice, but in the meantime, you have to get good with the cv preset switching. It’s fairly easy to knock up a complete drum pattern with just triggers and creative cv patterns.