Plonk - threshold control for velocity to allow 0V = no trigger

Essentially, I really like triggering modules/VCAs/envelopes with a steady clock as opposed to explicitly sequencing the gates and instead sequencing velocity, VCA level, envelope amount etc.

Trying this with Plonk with the velocity input in dynamic mode half works, but sending no voltage on the few sequencers I’ve tried doesn’t equate to a velocvity of 0 i.e., no note, just the quietest note. Therefore, I’d like and propose Plonk to have a “velocity threshold” parameter to allow configuring this behaviour with different sequencers i.e., sending voltage > velocity threshold value works as it currently does, but voltage < threshold would be velocity=0 and, therefore, no note.

I think a variable threshold is preferable and more flexible than just an on/off toggle for whether 0V = note note to account for possible voltage offsets between modules (and it would also allow setting Plonk up to only respond above any higher voltage too e.g., just at strongest velocity).