Plonk suggestions

Ive been using plonk in my 4u pallette mini live rig for a few weeks now and love it. I would like to make a couple of suggestions for a future model.
Two trigger ins
Split mode allowing two seperate channels to function alongside

Sounds like you’re asking for a Plonk XL! In a similar vein, there was a comment on our Youtube video asking for more knobs.

Sending a second gate to the MOD input with it set to Morph or Preset Step is a fun cheat to get two different sounds to trigger.

Hi man,
Yeah im currently using this method but in a small setup its great for slightly randomised beats but two triggers would give people on a budget or using the 4u platform bigger options…especially a split mode. Id love to buy a plonk xl but realistically to gain max bang for the buck in my little setup im going to have to go for a erica synths sample drum as this has all above features i mentioned. Just thought id throw the suggestions into the mix as given a plonk “XL” v sample drum id rather pay for the former :blush::pray: