Plonk screen


I’m new to the forum but I have been using Intellijel modules since a long time ago. Recently I bought Plonk (I suspect from the new batch). The module works great but I have a problem with the screen. Somehow it has a funny angle, as it was not well-positioned from the factory. I’m attaching a picture of my module.


Does somebody else also has this “problem”?


Welcome, mine wasn’t like that from the factory, but yes…

You could probably contact support and send it in for adjustment.

The display film kind of floats under the clear “window pane”. I had to replace the window on mine and it took a few attempts to position the display just right, (and with no dust particles) but I got it with very minimal diy experience. If you have patience, the right wrenches and not very dusty air, it’s just about worth attempting :slight_smile:

NB if trying yourself:
When redoing the nut under the encoder knob (on my build at least) it should not tighten completely nor use its available thread distance. There’s enough thread/clearance to allow over-tightening before reaching any physical cue. This will bend the circuit board if you’re busy watching the front panel so as not to scratch it. IIRC the other nuts were easier to tell if you are over-tightening.