Plonk Problem

I just received my Intellijel Plonk and i think its faulty.

After connecting it to my system, sending a trigger to trig and the out to my output module this is what im getting.

if i press the trigger button i get the same result in all presets (random notes with what it sounds like portamento and random distotion and high pitches).

i’m doing something wrong?


Nothing else is connected to Plonk? If you were sending triggers to the Mod input as well as the Trig input and it was set to Randomize I can see you getting that kind of result. If that’s not the case you should probably e-mail or use the contact form on the website.

I get the same results with only the out connected and triggering sounds from the button :/.

Just emailed support.

If your Plonk is sending crazy random notes and glitchy tones, it’s very possible that it needs to have the PITCH input re-calibrated. This can be accessed under CONFIG by selecting Global Configuration and then Calibration. On older firmware Calibration was directly under the first Config menu.

To calibrate, connect a voltage source to the PITCH input. Plonk will display 0V and a number. While sending 0v from your voltage source press the encoder. Now Plonk will ask for 1v. Send 1v from your voltage source and press the encoder again. Now your Plonk should be properly pitch calibrated!

To calibrate units at Intellijel we use a Triatt and µScale, but many other voltage sources can be used such as keyboards or sequencers.