Plonk preset loading problem


I posted this on Muffs and they suggested I get in touch here for support.

Got Plonk yesterday from Control Voltage (along with uMidi!) it is otherwise seemingly working fine but all the patches are called ‘Default’ and sound the same. (Not that I mind terribly - the ‘default’ patch is already loads of fun!)

I attempted Laser Mammoth method to send the factory presets which indicated it was sending the presets but there was no indication on Plonk of receiving them and indeed all the presets remained ‘Default’.

As a test I then tried to get the presets from Plonk to Laser Mammoth and received the following message:

“Received Sysex dump from Rainmaker but Plonk is already set as device.” ??? (I don’t have a Rainmaker)

Anyways would be great to know what you think is going wrong here Intellijel peeps :).



Can you double check that the version is 1.00 at startup and in the CONFIG menu?

The message saying “Rainmaker” is probably just a bug/typo in Laser Mammoth since they based it on their Rainmaker code.

oh! it’s actuallly 0.15 !

how should i update to 1.00?

Can you email We’ll figure it out through there.