Plonk polyphony

A question related to Plonk’s duophonic operation before making a purchase!

I understand that Plonk has one trigger input, but I’m curious about its intended use with a sequencer sending multiple triggers (e.g., on two separate channels). For instance, my sequencer is sending triggers on one channel (for sound X) and on another (for sound Y). I would like X and Y to correspond respectively to the two voices on the Plonk. I understand that changing voices corresponds to changing the MOD input, and I’ve read the manual and watched the tutorial, but I remain a bit confused.

The X and Y inputs are to control two different parameters and do not relate to the two voice polyphony. If you were to send triggers to the X and Y inputs this would allow you to modulate parameters which you could offset with the attenuverters, but without a Trig input the voices will not sound.

The Duophonic two voice operation means that sounds can overlap, not that you can have two different sounds assigned to X and Y.

However, the Morph feature in the Mod menu would let you have two active sounds. One would be the loaded preset, and the other would be the morph destination preset. So if you sent one gate to trig, and a toggle to mod, you could bounce between two different presets. I’ll have to give this a try!

Thanks! Does this mean that the two voices cannot be triggered at the same time?

Correct, they cannot be triggered at the same time.

Under the object menu you can change the polyphony between 1 and 2. If it is set to 1, a voice will be choked when the next voice is triggered.

To be honest, it’s such an outstanding module that a multi-Plonk setup might be order then.


would it be possible, maybe in a firmware update, to have a second trigger input for the plonk that would trigger a different selected preset? (maybe through the mod input or the vel input) :slight_smile: