PLONK pitch problem

Hi everyone,
I’m having a problem with my plonk, especially with the pitch
It happens everytime i want to turn on my rack and i want to trigger something with the Plonk. No pitch input, no trigger input just with the trigger button. When i turn on the pitch knob it doesent shift at all from low to high notes. But if i calibrate it then it works again. This happens everytime :frowning:
I’ve bought my Plonk via so it’s second hand. The Plonk has had a long journey , from Belgium to America , then stuck at the postoffice there, waited for 5 months and received it back with a little bit of damage to the 5 pin connector on the back.

Is this normal?



Sounds like it’s possible the calibration is not being saved. Do presets save and load ok?