Plonk not starting not running!

Hello, I bought a Plonk yesterday but when I start it at the first time, it’s started with blank screen and two LEDs on, like a bootload mode, without usb cable ! I was thinking about it could be the update firmware. I updated the firmware with successfully, take out the USB cable, restarted my case and it’s return with blank screen and 2 Yellow LEDs on… What can I do ? :space_invader::sweat:

Email support@intellijel they are very responsive and helpful. Good luck !


I’ll send an email ! Unfortunately I tryed several times making many another ways to update but is not working too, Thanks Mike for support ! My “Update is complete successfully” but with Invalid DFU Suffix signature" after that it works mas restarting my system it return to Bootload mod…

Sounds like it is probably returning to bootloader mode. I’m sure the support folks can help you figure it out

Hi @Flopes1980 … can u fix this problem? Happen the same here…