Plonk Feature Request: longer decay - Infinite decay

Hi, loving plonk, especially for soft instruments.
Having a longer decay or even an infinite decay would be amazing.
At least double the current maximum or more.
Or maybe some type of feedback parameter that would allow the resonators to ring out longer?


Excellent suggestion

Someone was asking about longer decays on Youtube and it seemed like they didn’t understand the relationship of the DECAY knob to the Exciter Noise Decay and Object Resonator Decay so I’m just going to repost this here: For longer decay times you would want to set the Decay to max (127) under the object menu, and probably set the Noise Decay to max under the Exciter menu (which will be more pronounced with the Mallet:Noise ratio leaning towards Noise). The decay knob is more of an attenuator for these two values so even if it is set to max, if you have short exciter and resonator decays you will always get a short decay.

I was able to get a decay of about 10s with all the decays maxed.

That being said, an infinite decay would still be pretty cool. If the MOD input was able to control the Noise volume that might be a neat way of creating drones. I guess you can already set the Noise envelope to AHR and just hold open the gate though.

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Awesome thanks for this, I’ve had great results doing exactly what you described but what I’m after is just the resonator ringing out longer from a short burst of the exciter. This would open up more sound sculpting options.
Would really love an infinite mode for drones too. Plonk has a very unique character and just adding this little extra feature would broaden that immensely.

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I don’t think it’s possible to get infinite ringing on the resonator itself without some kind of continual excitation.

For infinite drones, just set the noise envelope type to AHR and put a constant voltage into the TRIG input to keep the gate high.

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So I tried this last night but it didn’t get the results I expected.
I can get the noise to drone out forever but I’m wanting the resonator to run forever but it doesn’t seem like it’s continually being excited. Maybe it’s linked to the noise envelope but not when the noise is held open?

I dont own this module but have you tried to put in an audio source (square I guess) in the triger input. Used to make drones with MI elements using this technique.