Plonk Feature Request: Faster Parameter Scrolling

I wonder why no one mentioned this. It is an undeniable thing to do with a pushable encoder. For example, at the menu of object or exciter, pushing and changing encoder can increase values +10 + 20 +30 instead of +1 +2 +3. All parameter ranges are between 0-128 and it takes so long to change parameters sequentially. This would help lot in terms of faster sound design.
Please please please implement this. It’s just extra one line of code, and it would help LOT.


I’ll add this to the list for the firmware update. I might actually use encoder acceleration instead as the encoder click is already used to switch between parameter and value, so using the hold could cause inadvertent switching if you mis-press.


Yesss, thank you very much. But I think encoder acceleration is not precise as pushable encoders. I tried both over the years, and I prefer pushable encoder with +/-10 values because acceleration is a little bit wiggly. I just checked the operation, and it doesn’t clash with the menu switching. For example, if you push and turn, it just follows the standard parameter scrolling. It only switches menus, if it’s pushed off and not turned during this time. Such a simple function like: pushed on and yet not pushed off while changing parameter would prevent inadvertent switching to menus.

Again thank you very much for Plonk. Its one of the most important module I’ve seen in years.

I’ll see when I get to implementing it :slight_smile: I used encoder acceleration for the BPM setting on the Metropolis and there’s no problem with precision, it’s actually hard to notice it’s even there.

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Of course, there is no problem with encoder acceleration but I used pushable encoders on the Cirklon and also on the Nord drum (with shift button), and they give swift and accurate results. From accurate, I mean, if I want to add +30 or +60 I simply push and turn 3 or 6 times. It feels much better than acceleration. And with Plonk, it’s already there, when you push and turn encoder and release the encoder it just doesn’t switch back to the menu. So it should be straightforward to implement without clashing some menu divings. Cheers

Up again since no update in new firmware!

Bumping this as I have serious encoder fatigue. Both solutions would work though I prefer push & click mainly because the encoder has indents.