Plonk feature request: control multiple parameters with each jack

I have no idea if this is even possible given the current hardware within the plonk, but I’d love to have a more fully-featured mod matrix. For instance, in my current patch, I’ve got x mapped to resonator tone, and y mapped to saturation. I was creating this patch from an initialized preset, and just testing different x and y destinations to find something I liked and found immediately performable. (x is acting like a lowpass filter, and y is saturation/drive/clipping)

I would have loved to be able to control resonator tone, resonator position and resonator low cut with a single knob. This would act like a great macro control for general brightness of my sound, and then have mallet hardness, noise density, and maybe noise lp/hp cutoffs all under the same control, although I might not need a knob for that, so I’d put that on the mod jack (it could also be really cool to have mallet stiffness increase with velocity, while mallet:noise ratio decreases) I’d then put saturation, a tiny bit of bitcrusher, and perhaps something else on the second knob, as like an “overall intensity” control, to instantly be able to dial in a much more crazy screaming lead sound.

In another patch, I’d use the x knob as a general control for a few exciter parameters, and y as a control for resonator.

What do you people think of this idea? How would you use it?