Plonk Erase All Presets?

How would I go about wiping all the presets from Plonk so I can build my own presets? I don’t see an option in the Global menu… and I’m suspecting that I would have to do this 1 by 1… Is there a quicker way? Perhaps a button combo on start up?

I wonder if you could create a zeroed out .syx file by editing the result of “Sending Presets to Computer” method. Assuming there is no power-cycle-button-combo, of course… This should be(?) faster than 1 at a time even with the unracking and computer work.

EDIT …don’t have a cable handy but from googling it looks like these files are binary chunks of hex tables…not easily editable by the end user.

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Load one of the blank presets, and write it over each preset that’s already something. Super quick and easy.

But I would love to be able to hold save on startup to wipe everything to a blank preset, or load to restore the system defaults

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It’s honestly not that pleasant to do…but it was the best approach and it’s done :slight_smile:

The resultant .syx is published to Laser mammoth (the tool linked to by the “factory presets” on support page). Hope that is OK and that it helps, especially those with multiple Plonks.

PSA Don’t forget to save what you’ve got before anything :wink:


Awesome - thank you! #trooper!!

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