Plonk data knob issue; hanging values

like the title of this topic states;
the data knob on my plonk doesn’t work properly.
when i turn the knob to skip through the presets it’s often not responding accurately.
turn the knob, nothing happens, turning again it skips two presets at once, very annoying.
anyone experiences the same problem?

wondering if this is a hardware defect or a firmware issue.

It should be smooth. If it is noticeably problematic then it could be a bad encoder.

Please e-mail to open a support ticket.

I’m having the same issue—feels more like lag than a bad encoder as it only happens in some menus and when the module is in use (ie: trigs, modulation etc.)

Did either of you get this resolved? I’ve always had this same issue with mine and decided to see if anyone else had as well and found this thread. It’s pretty annoying but still workable. I don’t think it’s a bad encoder as the others have said, it never happens in certain menus. Mostly when just switching presets while the plonk is in use.

Looks like the new firmware is working a lot better wrt this problem.