Plonk 1.14 Beta

Just in time for the holidays we received a nice gift from the fine people at AAS, some new features for Plonk!

Both of the new settings can be found in the CONFIG menu:

  • Saturation - An asymmetric curve distortion. The distortion gain is adjustable from 0 (off) to 60 dB.
  • Bit crusher - A classic bit reduction effect. Adjustable from off (full resolution) to 10-bit, down to 1-bit.

Both effects have integrated output level compensation, but because they are applied at the end of the audio path you may experience some slight level variation depending on the input signal. Both effect settings are also available as Mod, X, and Y destinations.


Any ETA on the windows version? Excited for this!

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Also in need of the Windows version, please! This update has got me very inspired, enough to buy my second Plonk after selling the first.


The Windows updater has now been posted.

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Fantastic, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

Just wanted to say, these new options sound great. Nice for extra warmth without needing to use my Jellysquasher or Morgasmatron. :wink:

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I keep getting the following error on multiple PC when trying to update the Plonk. Any insights as to why?

==> Error occurred during update.

Invalid DFU suffix signature
A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release!!!
Cannot open DFU device 0483:df11
No DFU capable USB device available

That’s usually caused by a driver issue or by not holding the button on the back of the module when booting it.

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Definitely getting the button pressed. What drivers would I have to install?

Thank you! STM32 was not installed properly for me.

This is a fantastic update - wow. I love Plonk but always wished it sounded a little dirtier. I even bought a 2hp Freez to crunch it up a bit. I also would catch myself eyeing the Basimilus Iteritas Alter as another way to provide some filthy drums to my rack.

No longer needed the added saturation really changes the sound quite a lot. Putting this under CV control is simply icing.

Bitcrushing is also a welcomed addition, though I wish we also had Sample Rate Reduction - I often find this can sound more interesting than reducing Bit Rate.

hint hint :grin: