Plonk 1.13

Updated on 2018-9-12: 1.13 is now available.

Hello everyone,

The 1.13 version of Plonk firmware is now available from our firmware updates page.

Here’s the release notes for this version, of which 1.10 was the beta:

1.11 (2018-9-12)

  • BUGFIX: Fix noise filter envelope parameters.

1.11 (2018-6-15)

  • BUGFIX: recalibration no longer required after update.

1.10 (2018-5-11)

  • FEATURE: New parameters: Noise Lowpass Envelope, Noise Highpass Envelope, control the amount of the noise envelope applied to the lowpass and highpass filters.
  • FEATURE: New x/y/mod destinations: N LP Env, N HP Env, R Pitch
  • FEATURE: Less frequently adjusted global options moved to CONFIG->Global Config sub menu.
  • FEATURE: New global option: Gate delay. Adjustable gate delay for sequencers that don’t stabilize pitch until some time after the gate goes high. Adjusting this helps Plonk stay in tune when being controlled by those sources. Lower values will result in lower latency, down to ~2ms. Higher values will increase the latency.
  • FEATURE: Improved overall pitch

Thank you for improving your products!

It’s probably low priority, but will the manual be updated as well?

Remembering all of the features of every module one owns becomes more and more of a chore as the system expands. And that’s compounded by (welcomed) updates.

NB. For the most part, the modular world seems rather lax about manuals. “Coming soon” so often means “never” :wink: Intellijel is ahead of the curve!

Yes. We have someone dedicated to doing the manual updates now, so it should appearing soon. From what I can tell the draft is already done, it just needs some final review.

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Hat off to that level of excellence.

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I’m not able to find the Plonk firmware on the website. And FWIW, the link appears to be missing from the bullet list on the above linked page, Plonk isn’t in the modules nav, and the Plonk page is missing the tabs that others do (Overview… Firmware).

You just need to download the general intellijel firmware updater. From there you can select Plonk and the latest firmware from the dropdown menus.

Ah, great. Thanks ~

There is, indeed, an updated Plonk manual that covers v1.11 on the website. It’s been there for about a week, but after uploading it, I promptly failed to inform anybody. We also used the opportunity to (perhaps) improve and clarify a few minor things.


I’ve been trying to update but I keep receiving error messages.

Pinhole, I am also getting that error, support got back to me today and said I should try a different cable (tried that already and didn’t work) or isolate the plonk on the power supply (I haven’t tried this yet). Good luck

Are you holding the button on the back of the module when you power it on?

Have you installed the drivers?

I updated my firmware today, and I was excited to try new parameters such as HPF/LPF Envelope, But, I found out that “HPF envelope” literally does nothing! To test this, assign “HPF cutoff” to X parameter and “HPF envelope” to Y parameter. Also, increase Q value for easy tracking. Nothing happens when you change the HPF envelope value and I tried it with every cutoff freq value. Also, LPF filter acts in a way I can’t understand, negative LPF envelope seems to have little effect. Can someone address this issue?:skull_and_crossbones:

I just tested the LPF envelope in more detail, and it seems like “LPF envelope depth” sets the starting value rather than destination value. All LPF envelope goes from higher frequencies to low frequencies even if the envelope depth is +63 or -63. This makes LPF envelope behavior very hard to determine. Can we please fix these issues and have a conventional envelope mode?

@egegonul thanks, we’ve confirmed these two problems and hopefully there will be a patch for those soon.

How now is soon? :grin:

Today. Version 1.13 is now available for download from our website and fixes the filter envelope bugs.


Bravo! Thank you!

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