Plog output problems

Hi all, coming up on a bit of a wall with my Plog. I’m hoping that perhaps with a bit more understanding of the physical design of the module I can find a workaround.

Basically, in the current application, I need to send two signals to the Toggle input – the output of one of the logic blocks (let’s say B for now) and an output from my Expert Sleepers FH-2.

Normally I would use a stackable cable here (i.e., a passive mult). But something about the FH-2 means that when I do this I no longer get an output from B (update: it is not specific to the FH-2. If I tie the B output with the output of a Quadra, I get the same behavior). Looking at the output voltage when being feeding a gate sequence into B, I can see the output from B going from 0-5V as expected. As soon as I add in the FH-2, the output no longer changes and I am left with 0V.

Anyone have an idea on how to work around this? Of course I can mix the signals using a Triplatt or something of that sorts, but I’d really rather not have to use a second module for this.

Thanks in advance!

Or, alternatively, is there another way to reset the T flip-flop without using the toggle in?

My solution is to use the 2nd logic section set as an OR to merge the triggers from the FH-2 and Logic A’s output.

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