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Planes of Existence - The Many Uses of Planar 2

We’ve been a little remiss in posting our new videos to this forum, so hopefully this makes up for it!

You may have seen some of these already, but we’ve created a new Planar playlist called “Planes of Existence - The Many Uses of Planar 2”. These are mostly short videos demonstrating more specific uses of Planar. There’s so many ways this fun module can be used it’s easy to forget, or get stuck using it the same way again and again. Hopefully these videos will give you some inspiration and help you discover new ways of using Planar. A lot of them offer unique approaches to panning, and creative uses of the Scan mode CV input.

What’s your favourite way of using Planar 2?


Thanks! I’ve been enjoying these. Now, how am I going to make room for a Planar in my case… :thinking:

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This is pretty awesome! Definitely considering looking into one now, as I wasn’t sure how extensive it was upon a first look. I’m currently using a Doepfer panning module, which is much simpler and smaller, but I do wish I could do more interesting types of panning modulation. I’m curious as to whether I’d actually use the joystick, but it does look fun :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen anyone not use the joystick, so you probably would :slight_smile: