Planar 2 suggestion anyone?

Hello fab Intellijel people (I am looking at you, Kamil),

I wonder whether it would be possible to add “recording an external CV source” to Planar 2’s long list of talents?

It would be wonderful to be able to, say, record the output of a sequencer in Planar 2, and then play it back once, on a received gate or looped and even more exciting…manipulate it with the XY joystick in terms of time and linearity, attenuation/inversionand so on.

And also, be able to use the CV 1 and 2 Ins to manipulate it further.



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This has been requested and ignored by multiple people so I am adding my voice here.

Real late reply. It’s not likely we’ll add any external CV recording to the Planar. There would be many better suited module UI’s and layouts for that. There is not much UI space (buttons/leds/screen) to start assigning things from the CV1 and 2 Inputs, and also switching their function to record a sequence, and the modulate it. (ABCD are all analog, so we couldn’t record from there anyways).

Wait and see with Tete/Tetrapad, you can see the complexity of modulating recorded Motion/sequences :slight_smile: Also, it plays very nicely with the planar 2 modulation

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Sorry to revive this again but…

Are you 100% sure? :upside_down_face:
I would also LOVE :heart: to be able to record the cv inputs.

Couldnt the UI be something simple like this
Holding REC + pressing MODE will switch from recording of joystick to recording of CV.
Only whats recorded and played back will change, everything else works the same.

There are probably some conflicts or limitations I’m not seeing here, but one can hope :wink:

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