Planar 2: Joystick AND Recording

Is there any way that the Planar 2 can do an XY mode where we the output uses both the Joystick AND the recording? (Ie the joystick position is an offset to the recording)?

This is the way both the Prophet VS and Wavestation handled their joystick when you moved it live when a Vector envelope was being used (effectively the same as a CV recording) and it worked really, really well.


Not currently, but I suppose that might be possible in a future firmware update. I think that option was nixed because it often made things too busy and having 3 options for the ABCD and XY buttons was already potentially confusing enough.

While this isn’t exactly what you’re asking, using CV to control the playback position of joystick recordings is a really powerful way to combine joystick position with CV control.

Hm I wasn’t aware of that they worked that way. The reason we didn’t use it as an offset is because it created some problems when doing recordings. A simple example: say in your recording you start in the lower left corner and move the joystick to the upper right. Then you end the recording and it starts playback. What would happen is because of the offset you’d start in position D, and the rest of your recording would do nothing since you’re already at the maximum position. This is pretty confusing… and it’s even more confusing if you don’t start in a corner… how are you supposed to remember what the zero point of your recording is?


maybe use the soft knob thing that digital synths use for recalling presets, where once you load the preset, it keeps the knobs in the position that the preset was saved in, until knobs are moved?

Hmm, good point about the zero point issue: the VS and Wavestation had an advantage there - wherever the joystick was when a new note was struck was counted as the zero point for that voice. That doesn’t really work for the Planar because there’s no new ‘note’.

I can think up a few ways of solving it, but none that I think would feel transparent to a user. I shall keep pondering…


I know the metropolis has a similar feature when recalling presets that it uses for its sliders, which also have no defined zero point

I was just thinking about this myself and I think it would be a really cool idea to have a small preset expander for Planar2. Like a little sidecar cv recorder with maybe 4 trigger ins, 4 cv outs, a loop button and a knob or a couple buttons that choose which preset you’d be recording into.

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We’ve considered making the Planar and Tete being able to connect together, just haven’t fully fleshed out how exactly that would work.