Planar 2 : click after playing a recorded gesture

I have detected a strange behaviour with my Brand new Planar2.

When I use the module as a VCA, if I play a recorded gesture once, at the end of the record there’s an audible click. It happens only when I plan the gesture one time, not in loop mode.
Is it a normal behaviour, or my module is faulty or should be recalibrated ?

A single patch to try that: plug a VCO out in D input, plug mix out into your audio output. Record a short gesture with ABCD active, and play the record once, you should hear a click at the end.

Hi Loorenz,

It’s definitely possible to get clicks out of Planar if there is an abrupt discontinuity in the position.

So for example if the recording suddenly makes the position jump from A to D there may be a click due to the lack of transition time cutting off longer wavelengths.

Try to make sure your gestures return to the starting point in order to avoid this.

There should be some interpolation / crossfading between the end of the loop and the current joystick position when not in loop mode, but it’s possible with more extreme differences it’s not long enough to avoid a click on a VCA. We’ll look into this.

I don’t think there’s anything faulty or in need of calibration with your module though, but maybe a possible firmware tweak for a future update.

Whatever the gesture, the click is always present. I will try to record something.

Here is an example, VCO output into D input -> Mix out into output module:
I have recorded 2 times with the gesture played, then with the same gesture in loop mode (no click), finally with the joystick in D position (VCA open) before playing the gesture

The gesture is recorded with the joystick starting and ending in B position so as the VCA is completely muted.
When I play the gesture with the joystick in B position, there’s a click.
In loop mode, no click, whatever is the joystick position
When the joystick is in D position, no click… but that is not what I want for my patch.

So, regarding your previous explanation, it should be a normal behaviour, but it would be great if you could fix that in a next firmware update.

Do you get a click if you’re using the D output instead of the Mix output?

Yes there’s a click too.

Is it possible to fix that in a future firmware?

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s something we can address in a future update. I’ll add it to our list for when we’re next working on the Planar firmware.

Great, thank you !

I’m also experiencing this, it’s put me off for using it for said purpose. Would love a fix for this.

I have a fix for this, we’re going to do some internal testing over the next couple of days and then release an update.

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Great ! Thank you…
I will wait for this update