Planar 2 - Availability?

I was curious if there was any production information available about Planar, ie: will they be available at retailers in the EU anytime soon? I’m getting a Cascadia and I think a Planar would make a good addition to a small control skiff.

hi there, congrats :wink:
… in case no info emerges, note that the “b-stock” pricing on it is one of the better deals in that section these days - $40US against your shipping/customs might entice you, if the wait gets long. Sorry if you already saw that.

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Thank you for the heads up:) It gets pretty expensive quickly when you factor in shipping plus the VAT, so I’ll sit tight for a while. It certainly won’t kill me and I think Cascadia will keep me plenty confused and busy for a long time.

Hopefully they’ll do a production run before too long and I’ll be able to grab one over here before too long. Thanks again.

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