Planar 2 + Tete — Bug Fix Updates

A couple small but important updates for Planar 2 and Tete. (Yes, the same versions, but they are unrelated)

Sorry for the rapid fire updates, these ones were important enough to release without waiting for another major release.

Planar 2:

  • Adjustments to all CV modes behaviour/scaling.


  • Fixed Reset handling on unsynced looper.


Hello, was trying to do this earlier but the only version showing in the updater is 1.0.2

I just downloaded the MacOS version from the link above, it has the latest Planar and Tete.

I had also downloaded the Metropolix update beforehand. In that updater it shows version 1.0.2; but in the linked updater it shows the correct version. Both versions have the most recent Metropolix firmware.

So, I was using the wrong installer mistakenly.