Phase Shift OSC?

Hi, I am new here and this is my first post :slight_smile:

Maybe I am overlooking something but I was wondering If the Rubicon or Dixie’s are possible to phase shift. As far I can see they always start at the same point… (the beginning of the wave). Could be cool to shift the waves (also ass LFO).

I have been thinking about a workaround: use the 1unit digital delay (which I do not own) to delay the wave in time… But that would need to be a very accurate fine tunable delay I think.

Any ideas for this? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Really no one? :slight_smile:

Hi Yornav,

There is no way to phase shift those oscillators (or most analog VCOs).

The Shapeshifter (which is digital) has phase modulation capabilities.

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The Dr. Octature (I have the 2nd version) has phase shifted outputs, which are really useful as an lfo. I haven’t tried finding uses for the phase shifted outputs as much as a vco yet, as I just got it recently and have loved using it has an lfo (it is also a great filter). The outputs are fixed shifted outputs rather than a shifting vco, so it isn’t going to be the same as a Shapeshifter or the digitally controlled WMD PDO. I linked to the product page for the Dr. Octature as well as the illustrated manual if you are interested. If you look at the Shepard Tone patch in the illustrated manual, it might give you some ideas on how to use this with other vcos to get at least some of what you might have in mind.

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Also, again it will be different than a phase modulating vco, but for your idea about using delay–look up multi-tap delays. There are analog ones that sound nice, but really you would want one with at least digital control, if not just a digital one. Perhaps, if you find one with individual outputs, and then use a mixer creatively, you will get what you have in mind.

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(2 years later) Still Thank you!