Pedal I/O vs Audio I/O 1U


I am looking to use my Eventide H9 with my Eurorack gear, which is in an Intellijel 104hp 7u case, and trying to make the right 1u choice.

If I understand correctly, it is possible for the Pedal I/Os to use the case audio in/out, directly, if it is a new enough case. How can I determine if my case is new enough? It is black and was purchased at Sweetware in mid January 2019.

Is there a benefit to using Pedal I/O over Audio I/O or vice versa?


Hi Steven,

This manual has images of the new case audio jacks board and an explanation of how it works. The new board will be available for sale soon for those with older cases for a fairly low cost.

Well it seems I do not have the new jacks board, thanks for the info!

That said, I am still trying to figure out the best way to get my H9 into my rack. It would seem I can do it with the stereo capabilities of the 1U Audio I/O. Does that make the most sense? Or would I be better off buying the Pedal I/O and associated 1U jack modules and saving the Audio I/O to use as a main output (not sure what I would do with the stereo in though)?

Any suggestions anyone?

What you might want to do is get two pedal IOs and two Line Out 1U modules. Then you could use the case jacks for your H9 and the Line Outs as your main output.

The Audio IO would let you send audio to and from the H9 but you would probably still need some kind of master output for recording or to go to speakers. Plus the Pedal IO gives you the ability to blend between wet and dry signals.

The H9 will run at line level, so the Audio I/O will work great for stereo Send/Return (though, it’s jacks unbalanced). I use an Empress Reverb in this config.

If you still need a stereo output from your rack, you can use a Headphones 1U for a quick/clean non-balanced out. I also do this, when i just want to record or mix the stereo out.

Of course, if you don’t need to process the H9 in your rack, you can put it end of chain.

You can use Pedal I/O (or a pair for stereo), but it’s only necessary for a pedal that doesn’t accept line level signals (many analog pedals, some older digital pedals), or if you want a guitar plugged into your rack.

This is a great update. Any idea on when this new board will be available?

Also, assuming the board is a modular to line level converter… can we connect other mixing modules that have output headers on the backside of the pcb to this board?

The boards on the case are passive. Level conversion is done by the modules.

So with this new passive board… does this mean we can remove the 1U Audio I/O module from the signal path if using direct outs from the rear of a Mixup?

That’s a possibility! Just be aware that channels 5&6 would have no attenuation if you did this.

also these are balanced outs, i’m not 100% sure the pin outs from a mixup are the same configuration

Can we confirm this?

Ideally with this updated passive board, I would like to run mixups directly out through this board, controlling the output gain as the Mixup is modular level out, not line level.

Yep Mixup will work fine, it’s in the manual, I guess i should RTFM :slight_smile:

Coolio… Any idea when it’s available?

Sorry, don’t have a date yet

Hi peeps - reawakening this old thread - I have Line I/O in 1U - both units - I use it to send to an H9 Max, but even when the levels are fine and not clipping in the Max I get clipping on the return signal - I am sending in and out of the WMD performance mixer send/returns on the master bus - would welcome any insight anyone has - thanks, Garth

Does it clip regardless of the gain on the Line In module? If so, the clipping is likely on the H9 side…

yes it does - I agree, and thought there may be some impedance matching issue - just thought I would ask other H9 users if they had heard and fixed this. thanks

Unfortunately I don’t think we have one to test, we’ve tested with the various *Factor pedals and those work ok, though it seems the levelling on the H9 works a bit differently than those.

So just to check, the H9 input is definitely not clipping, and it doesn’t matter matter what you set the input level on the Line In module to, the sound is always distorted?

Thanks for getting back too me Kamil - Yes - everything looks fine - when I look at the levels in the H9 they look fine - both the line in and out modules look fine but there is distortion on the signal - like a clipping sound when I add in more instruments - the send and return on the WMD mixer are line level I believe but in any case I am using the 1I line I/O modules so that should not be a factor - I am an experiences sound engineer so I am baffled - hence my question re impedance issues

Sorry I’m a bit confused about your signal chain, particularly how the WMD mixer fits in, can you detail it from start to finish?