Pedal I/O Issue

Hi everyone,

I juste got my Pedal I/O and Pedal I/O Jacks modules, specifically to plug my Death by Audio Apocalypse, wich is my favorite fuzz and sounds awesome with synth.

But I don’t hear my VCO when it’s plug right into it. I dont hear any signal going in at all by the way. Only noise coming from the pedal.

So I tried my fuzz factory and it work just fine.
I tried my Dwarftcraf Shefuzz and same problem as the Apocalypse.

It sounds like the signal coming in is not enough and you only hear the noisy output of the pedal.

Pedals are plugged with Planet Waves PW-PRA-205 jacks.

Does someone had the same issue and/or any solution ?

Probably best if you contact about this and send them some photos with how you have things connected.

Are the cables balanced or unbalanced?

Hey, I tried with both balanced and unbalanced cables and it is juste the same. The distrotions seems to self oscillate sort of, and the VCO doesn’t pass through…

I’ll help you trouble shoot this via the support e-mail.